Virtual Conferences

We have so much technology at our disposal.
Let’s take full advantage of it.

Virtual. Venerable. Veer.

Until recently, virtual meetings were often reserved for those in organizations on different floors. A WebEx™ or Zoom™ meeting was used to maintain a human connection without having to leave our office or cubicle. Now it’s a necessity far beyond our wildest imaginations.

While it’s always our preference catching up with colleagues in group learning environments, on-site conferences and training programs can be very costly, logistically challenging, or even detrimental to our health. Enter virtual professional development programs managed by Veer Consulting.

Building a half-day training in the virtual realm can save thousands in group travel, accommodations, mileage, food and beverage, audio-visual equipment, staff, meeting room rental and much more. Save 50% or more over on-site conferences with Veer Consulting’s virtual professional development programming strategies.

What virtual direction are you going? It’s time to Veer™.

Veer Consulting’s Virtual Conferences include:

  • Complete on-line registration system with or without registration fees
  • Virtual environment managed by Veer Consulting for the conference
  • Secure meeting environment with locking option
  • On-camera personality for continuity and comfort
  • Virtual conference moderator (chat rooms, q/a, technical assistance, etc.)
  • Virtual breakout rooms for small round-table discussions available
  • Full communication program with planning team and registrations
  • Thorough reporting at recommended increments
  • Marketing program for registration solicitation
  • Educational support material fulfilled (actual item costs and shipping additional)
  • Virtual Open House for registrants at least 2 weeks prior to the virtual conference date
  • Surveys / Evaluations developed and processed
  • Sponsorship opportunities developed and managed
  • Full accounting with actuals and budgetary deviations upon completion
  • Initial budget development based on process and expected outcomes
  • Featured speaker contracts and instructions
  • ASL Translation
  • Closed-Captioning
  • Secure meeting links distributed
  • Training for on-line meeting participation
  • Featured speaker technical assistance
  • CEU processing available
  • Certificates of completion with professional development hours
  • Post-conference wrap-up and program evaluation

Go Virtual. Save Money.

Top 10 Cost-saving benefits of virtual conferences.
  • No travel costs for attendees or speakers
  • No overnight accommodations
  • No group or speaker transportation
  • No audio-visual equipment rental
  • No meeting room rentals
  • No food and beverage
  • No on-site registration staff
  • No name badges and printed materials
  • No parking fees
  • No facility service charges

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