Blended Conference Strategies

The best professional development strategy blends virtual and on-site programming.
This is the direction of the future. It’s time to Veer.
blended conference

Stay connected. Stay focused. Stay ahead of the curve.

Professional development options are many and varied but the most reliable and effective educational strategies include blending on-site and virtual platforms to achieve the highest rate of information retention and long-term success.

It’s important to encourage social interaction at on-site conferences and trainings at least once or twice a year, and supplementing these programs with monthly virtual trainings and webinars can be an effortless and cost-effective enhancement. If a standard conference is 1-2 days long that may provide certification or CEU/CME benefits, then why not Veer into the world of virtual monthly updates with featured speakers, the latest organizational offerings and protocols, or even the occasional social hour? Take advantage of the very inexpensive option of virtual gatherings to engage your audience throughout the year.

Veer will work directly with your team to build this year-long strategy with an annual calendar of events so everyone can plan ahead. Secure your favorite trainers or speakers early and populate the calendar for distribution. Identify unique topics that will inspire and enhance your annual conferences. Your organization and audience already have the technology, so let’s put it to good and much more frequent use.

A blended strategy opens a world of opportunities for enhanced learning and interaction. Stay connected. Stay focused. Stay ahead of the curve. Veer.

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